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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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46 and dropping. a freeze and fog warning tonight. it could make for a tough tomorrow. good evening, everyone. it is a bad combo. freeze and fog, the two things that add up to icy, dangerous road conditions. jeff ranieri joins us for the warning tonight and tomorrow morning. >> it can be a deadly combinatioacross
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temperatures dropping and quickly. it has been cold in the east bay. we are looking at mid to upper 30s into the north bay. santa rosa 30, livermore expecting 30 degrees. our visibility to two miles and less in the east bay and the same scenario in the north bay where the ground fog is collecting up into these valleys. in the north bay that is where our biggest concern is for the freezing fog. visibility is expected to be a quarter mile or less in the morning hours. similar conditions as this morning will be back for tomorrow as well. a storm that could have travel delays across the weather board. a predator may be prowling the stanford campus. tonight we are getting the first
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look at the suspect. this man assaulted a stanford student monday night. walking near campus drive and sarah street when the suspect grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth. she bit the attacker and when he loosened his grasp, she ran. it started as a fruit stand and became a main stay. after 63 years in business constantino's is closing. the economy and the family both a little worn. geor what is going to happen there, george? >> constantino's is a household name in this area. the big chain pushed them out. >> mushrooms. >> reporter: robert emerson is
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going to miss eating his favorite swiz steak. that's because on february 8th the flagship constantino's market in san jose is shutting down after 63 years in business the family-run grocery store is calling it quits. customers like emerson is disappointed. >> there are not that many around. >> reporter: whole foods and safeway with putting pressure on the mom and pops to stay alive. this whole foods is five minutes from costatino's. >> the selection is a little better. >> reporter: the customers say it is the personalized attention they are going to miss the most. margo clark almost started crying. >> always friendly. always nice. i made a lot of friends over the
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years. yeah. going to miss it. >> reporter: the 32,000 square foot store has been sold. the plan is to bring in another specialty store but cosatino's customers say it won't be the same. >> we're going to miss them. >> reporter: when this new retailer comes in it is possible some or all of the 71 employees may be hired on. as for the broker who helped seal the deal they would not give up the name of the new retailer. >> let's hope it works out for those employees. 335 california hospitals under the microscope tonight over their death rates. the state compared death rates in hospitals between 2008 and 2009 for a dozen procedures including heart attack, pneumonia and stroke. in the east bay alta bay summit medical center has a 4.6 death
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rate for acute heart attacks, far below the state average. pneumonia and gastro intestinal problems is low. if you want to see how how other east bay million hospitals fared find a link at not going to stand for it. california top insurance official says he wants to challenge rate hikes proposed by blue shield. dave jones is getting backup from washington as well. at issue, three successive rate hikes that in total would amount to a 59% increase in premiums for many policy holders. >> many californians are still struggling to make ends meet. 12.9% unemployment.
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our economy is lagging. we have seen rate hikes year after year after year causing a problem for californians and california families. >> two rate increases are in place. the third is set for march 1st. jones has a problem because his post lacks the power to reject excessive rate hikes. the former loatian general died tonight. he was 81. he emigrated to the u.s. after the war ended in 1975. he settled into california where he was a respected leader for the hamong. >> it is heartbreaking. >> there will be others who will try to fill his spot but no one will ever by like general pao.
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he is at a level all the hamong respected. keep your doors locked. that warning from the contra costa sheriff's department at a string of residential burglaries, occurring from apartment homes to ranches. the sheriff's department released a photo of this person they would like to chat with. the owner of san jose's wet nightclub is defending his hot spot after fights that went unreported forced it closure again. the entertainment license is under a 30-day suspension in connection with a new year's eve fight. security guards refused to call police or an ambulance for an injured woman. we spoke to the club owner who denied the accusations calling them overblown. it is the third time since 2009 police have pulled the club's license due to unreported
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violence. this is a video of the first incident. big or small but smart. definitely smart. that is the rage in vegas at the biggest tech show in the country. gadgets, gizmos and games. that is where we find scott budman. scott, it is all about those shades. >> reporter: hey, guys. welcome to las vegas and the consumer electronics show. these custom 3-d glasses that will let you watch any movie, any television set any time and can still look good. here is a preview of the gadgets you'll see and games you'll be playing in the months to come. a 150-inch, 3-dd plasma tv. >> movies like "avatar" helped
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establish 3-d as a i want to watch it now technology. >> reporter: panasonic sells all of these tvs and they expect 2011 to be a very good year. >> you are going to want to be the guy with the 3-d in the house. that is the reason people are interested in the product. >> reporter: in a show full of high flying gadgets and games, screens were the standouts, so many new ways to read, watch and play, silicone valley companies are well represented for the devices and the chips that run them. >> we're making them smaller. we are making a lot of inroads in the efficiency and technology and microarchitecture. those advancements lead to better performance, more capabilities, lower prices. >> reporter: no ces would be complete without celebrities. we talked to rapper 50 cent
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about his new line of sleek audio headphones. >> i'm more conscious of how to listen to music. the guy with the camera has headphones on. he wants to hear it the best possible way. that was prior to this project. >> reporter: the tech industry is so hot musicians want to get involved. all about the tablet. all about 3-d. tomorrow we check in with robots, the latest in home cleaning. that is coming up tomorrow night. now from the consumer electronics show in las vegas, scott budman. >> i'm down with those cleaning robots. plenty of reason for pet owners to worry. >> i'm concerned bauds pets are unpredictable creatures. >> what is advertised as a safe way to have your dog or cat's teeth cleaned is against the law.
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why some are still doing it. first politics. now pg&e? the tea party setting its sites on the california power giant and could wind up saving you a lot of money. i'm jeff ranieri. plenty of fog continuing to form and cold temperatures. mid to upper 30s from the east bay to the north bay and the south bay tomorrow morning shaping up with temperatures dropping into the 30s. details on this freezing fog and who could have it worse for your commute coming up. i'm cheryl herd. the reward not so rapid. the sweet 16 you needed for southwest airlines about to di
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cheryl herd is live at oakland international. why do i feel like i'm in the c group. >> reporter: or maybe the d group. southwest airlines is that hassle free airline, the stewardess wear shorts and they pass out food for free. >> we fly on frequent flyer miles. >> reporter: the airline will most likely hear complaints when it changes its frequent flyer program. >> the frequent flyer things are great. if anybody has to do anything extra than push one button, we don't want to do it. >> reporter: instead of needing 16 credits, free tickets will be based on the fare you want and
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fare class you are buying. confused? >> southwest has been good on the online system. i can usually figure out my rewards. i have been giving other rewards on other airlines would be positive. >> reporter: the rules will change on the want to get away fares and cheap tickets. they are just too complicated. >> if it turned into a bigger airline or has more frills, i don't know we would fly it as much. >> reporter: people were asking about the bags fly for free. i have no idea but the frequent flyer change will take place in march. >> the free drink tickets, too. >> tamale troubles. a food recall. homestead pasta is recalling 145,000 pounds of meat and poultry tamale products from
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stores in california, oregon and washington. the recalled food contains undeclared whey. they were produced between april of last year and this month. p-4994 or est 4994. anesthesia free teeth cleaning for your pet. the state vet board says it is illegal and dangerous. why is it still happening? >> you have to see it to believe it. man's best friend getting her teeth cleaned while she is wide awake. at the vets they go underneath the gum line which is a deeper
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cleaning. not always necessary for most dogs. i feel that what we do for mosse dogs is equivalent and is a lot safer when you are not using anesthesia. >> reporter: cindy collins is the founder of canine care, anesthesia free teeth cleaning. >> there is no problem cleaning their teeth. we do thousands and thousands of animals every month. there are no problems with it. >> reporter: except one. it's against the law. what cindy collins is doing, what canine care is doing is considered illegal under state law? >> yes. >> reporter: collins is practicing veterinary medicine without a license and falsely advertising a dental service. she was cited after a customer claimed her dog's jaw was broken
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in three places. the judge ruled collins was to stop her practice and stop teaching others. even though it is illegal you are not able to stop her? >> we can't stop her. >> reporter: they don't have the ability to shut down canine care. license vet says using sharp scalers on an awake pet is unsafe. >> pets are unpredictable. even if this is a beautiful white tooth up here, if there is infection and loss of bone, infection of the bone, here this tooth will not be viable for very long. >> reporter: veterinarians admit there is some risk to using anesthes anesthesia, but that is the only
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way to sigh under the gum line. x-rays, probing and polishing can only be done when pets are under. >> it is not addressing disease. it is just making it look pretty. >> reporter: the risk of pet death from anesthesia is very low. .05 to .1%. it plays on people's fears of anesthesia. 20 years ago the anesthetics we used weren't as safe. now we use the anesthetics that are used in hospitals. >> reporter: one cat and one dog has died. the owner of happy go lucky who receives a portion of the profits says customers love the $100 service. >> we haven't had one negative feedback. >> reporter: it is a wild, wild west out there. >> it can be. consumer education is what needs to happen.
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>> reporter: a buyer beware for the four legged family members. >> now the state vet board does plan to request more authority to take action against unlicensed activity and levy higher fines for those who operate illegally. let's bring jeff ranieri in to talk about the fog. to see it this morning was impressive. >> it was quite dense. we'll get a look at the highs. the region that stayed in the 40s. that is where the fog had the toughest time clearing out. temperatures ten to 15 degrees below average. only the low 40s in napa, 48, san raphael 41. let's look at the fog we have developing today stretching over 300 miles through central
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california. so strung it was able to spill right into the bay area, which is what we are seeing tonight. the north bay and east bay visibility is the worst and the commute will be the worst. 's bay three miles and less and napa to that vladdo. the fog as the title hints at will freeze and create icy patches on the roadways. no problem getting below the freezing point tonight. foggy and cold to start, but we will see sunshine returning for friday. still a sweet weekend coming our way. we have a ton of moisture out here that would normally produce heavy rainfall throughout the bay area, but it is streaming up into canada. high pressure is sitting
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offshore. that enables us to get unshine in the afternoon. we'll see the same scenario temperature. temperatures in the mid 50s, fog to start, sunny by midday. the north and east bay are expecting the heaviest fog will be clearing out a lot slower tomorrow with temperatures in the 40s through 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning. cold weather here in los gatos, 30 in santa rosa. a storm may delay you no matter where you are traveling. in the northeast three to six inches for new york city. windy weather. that could cause problems friday and saturday with wind. if you are doing any traveling within the state on an airplane the residual delays can back things up. temperatures for tomorrow, low to mid 50s. sun coming back up after the fog clears throughout the morning hours. the north bay as you have had
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the past three mornings have had the densest fog and icy patches as well. take it slow. morning time on the weather channel on cable. the northeast storm. we stay dry through wednesday of next week and a small chance of showers by thursday. we can handle that after all the rain we had recently. >> not bad. ty t narewea nhe'sty daen pg. .&eew
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the only thing that could add more intreeing to the jim harbaugh sweep stakes the the raiders flying into the picture. miami dolphins is out of the picture. they met with harbaugh and left with no deal. word is they are out. the latest is the niners are making a serious push. there is a dark horse with a late showing. stanford upping their offer and may have the ace in the hole. andrew luck passing on what the panthers would pay him as the top nfl pick. he value hi time, his education and he is staying in school to complete his degree in architectural design.
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while we wait on harbaugh, mike singletary has been fired from the niners. he may land in minnesota. some old friends having a rough go of things. the sharks have the fourth best record but are the most erratic team trying to rattle the sabers. ryan miller. he holds together a sabers team. you can score in bunches. especially when the puck is bouncing out of the crease. the game's first score. sharks down two in the second. thomas vanik decides to put it away. ugly 3-0 loss to buffalo. up next nashville. big night for college hoops. let's start with cal. the women with a 12-point win over arizona state. the men in tucson. arizona pulled out a deadly
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three late in the game at mchale. hanging on to beat the bears 73-71. st. mary's on the road. the gales rolled to a win. san jose state men lost a four overtime game tonight by one point to boise state. the stanford, the men winning in tempe, the women crushing arizona at maples. world series mvp edgar renteria radheeds. reds. we are back with more in moments. mary! hey!
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the role showdown on super bowl sunday might be off the field. the president will sit down with fox news's channel bill o'reilly. this won't be the first time obama goes face-to-face with fox's most outspoken host. in 2008 he sat down for an extended interview with bill o'reilly. >> could get interesting. >> that is going to be something to watch. are you ready for some football? that is going to do it for us. see you tomorrow.


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